Net Worth Statement
What You Own
Cash in account(s)  
Money market fund  
Government bonds  
Treasury bills  
Cash value of permanent insurance  
Company pension  
Unregistered assets  
Value of home  
Value of recreational property  
Value of investment property  
Value of other property  
Black book value of vehicle(s)  
Value of saleable collectibles  
Other asset(s)  
Total of What You Own  
What You Owe
Vehicle loans  
Line(s) of credit  
Credit card(s)  
Investment loan(s)  
Student loan(s)  
Buy Now Pay Later plan(s)  
Pay-advance loan(s)  
Overdraft (what you're using)  
Back taxes  
RRSP Home Buyers' Plan  
Other loans  
Owed to family/friends  
Total of What You Owe  
Your Net Worth
(What You Own - What You Owe)