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OMG, love this easy format
how do I down load
can you email a link ?

Added: April 18, 2014
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Love your show, been implementing your techniques. Having an issue with grocery budget. Can anyone offer a guideline for family of 8? 2 adults, 6 kids? Seems to me this is where our budget goes sideways. :!mad:

Added: April 14, 2014
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Added: April 13, 2014
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I just wanted to tell you how much my wife and I enjoy the show.
I totally agree with your concept of not speeding more than you have.
What I have been using for a few years is an app that allows you to track your money. You just input what you spend and your income. There is something else that I do, I put everything on my credit card that gives me points, I pay it all at the end of the month, this way I earn an equivalent of 500 dollars or more a year. I often wonder , what happens to the people that succeed in your show, how do they fair down the road?
Once again you have a great show, I also enjoy your personality

Added: April 10, 2014
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Hi Gail!

I am trying to use your Build a Budget That Works Excel Sheet but I have some questions:
why do the weekly Jar money amounts not add up to the monthly amounts? ie Transportation $320.00 Monthly $73.85 Weekly (73.85x4=295.40)
Also I am just confused at the bottom for Total (Total What?) ($4,688.67) & Income - Expenses ($51,711.33) What does this mean? Income subtract Expenses??

I am a huge fan of your show and how you help people.. Please I need your help!! :!cry:

Added: April 4, 2014
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I'm just a huge fan of your show! I love your "no nonsense" approach to dealing with your "money morons" and your "princesses"!! I use your budgeting sheet all the time. I'm thinking about adopting the jar system!! Love, love, love you and your show!!

Added: April 2, 2014
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I love all your books and shows. Your wonderful down to earth style is fantastic. I would love to be on your show someday especially for retirement help.

Added: March 27, 2014
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Hi Gail...I love all of your shows. A few times after watching repeats of your older ones I found myself wondering how well the couple or princess did after their experience with you. I was thinking maybe it would be interesting to revisit some of them to see how life was like after you left. Just a thought. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Added: March 25, 2014
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I want to say a big thank you to Dr Adodo for the good work he has done in my dad's life and my marriage. He helped my dad in his court case, a spell was cast for my dad 2days before his court case and cause of that the judge ruled in his favor...and he also helped in reuniting me and my husband, i can't explain how he did it I'm actually short of words. But one thing is certain he's so good at what he does, he sure knows how to cast a real spell and the one that works. I'm so blessed by him and he can as well bless you too, all you need to do is to contact him on (dradodojattotemple@yahoo.com)

Added: March 24, 2014
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I did start to write you, why I can't forgive 3 people in the family. But, I was writting a book and I wasn't even half way. But, I have a very mean mother, she has always been and still is to this day, even though I'm in my 50's. We were 8 children in the family. I have one very mean sister, and the baby of the kids is very bad also. My brother who was 10 years younger than I, passed away in March of 2011. He's the one that told me, that I must forget my mother, sister and baby brother (who is 43 years old). He said that they will keep on hurting me over and over again. Even though, I did forgive them over and over again and just can't take the pain anymore. My mother even got so mean that she took everything that my daughter and I ever bought her or made for her, dumped on my daughter's lawn. That really hurt, but said I have to take it. I had no choice. It's when I looked inside, and she put every pictures that she ever got from me, but the sad part, was that, she had cut every pictures that my father (who passed away in 1988) and herself was in. So now, I didn't have many pictures of my dear father, which I do have very fond memories of. She even told me that she didn't want nobody in the family, to visit me or talk to me. When she said that, the only thing that I could tell her was (GOD mother, what a nice person you are). I'm sure that my brother seen lot's while he was in the hospital. He was there only one week before he pasted away. My mother even went as far as saying that my little brother didn't want to see me. My daughter, who will speak her mind, went to see him. The first thing he asked (he had to write things down, because he was on a respirator). He asked why I wasn't there. When I came back from out of town to see a doctor (I did decided to stay longer, because my mother had told me that he didn't want me to go to the hospital). I cried so much. When I got home, there was a message on my answering machine. It was my mother and she said "You're not going to kill me the way you killed your father". I was totally shocked and really hurt. Honestly, that night, I tried to commit suicide. She went on telling everybody that she never said that. But, that was three years ago, and I still have it on my answering machine, which I put away right away. I did have to show it to a lot of people that didn't believe me. I was so happy that I did keep it and still have it. When my daughter called me on that Saturday saying that my brother wanted to see me. When I got in to ICU, my daughter grabbed my mother and I, and said, "this is not a time to fight, it's a time to stick together". I totally agreed and didn't know why she would have left such a hateful message. My father was sick for 17 years, from emphazema & bronchitis. I lived 100 miles away. I had just moved back the year before my father passed away. The doctor's don't even know why he lasted so long. So I did hug my mother and went straight in to see my brother. I asked him again (I had asked him on the Monday, the first time that I had seen or talked to him in 3 years), if he was upset with me. (because of what my mother had said, when she said that he didn't want me to come to the hospital). He looked at me again, his arms stretched out, for me to go to him. This time, when he shook his head "NO", he started to cry. (My mother for 3 years before my brother got sick, told my brother that we were upset with him and told us that he was upset with us). I wanted to cry so bad, but was trying to stay strong for both of us. That's when he wrote, that he wanted me to forget about my mother, sister and baby brother completely, because they will only keep on hurting me over and over again. The next day, an hour before they were going to put my little brother in a coma and remove all the things attached to him, which he was going to past away. I went to his ears, and whispered in his ears, "Marcel, if you're really not upset with me, I want you to come and visit me please, and I also want Papa to come too". He shook his head "YES". He didn't even last and hour. But, I held him, until he took his last breath. A lot more things happened, but this was the most important things that did. Honest to GOD, my father and Marcel came to visit me. My father, while we were going home (I had my mother-in-law sitting behind me and my husband's aunt sitting in the passenger's seat). I heard my name whispered, but only in my left ear. I was just about to tell my mother-in-law, why was she whispering my name, when she started to talk to her sister. My name was said again, while they were talking. I know that it was my father, because of the way he used to say my name. Then at home, my husband and I were just having a discussion in our kitchen, and my brother's picture was on the table, as we were talking, a white fog like, formed right beside his picture. I could see his form very good and it was Marcel, and I just yelled at my husband "Oh MY GOD, look look Denis, there's Marcel. But within seconds, he was gone. I yelled out, "Marcel, I'm not scared, but you just startled me that all, but please come back, I'm really not scared". But he didn't. But that did prove to me completely, that they were not upset with me. Later, I did hear that my mother did say that he didn't want to see me in the hospital, just so my wicket sister didn't have to run into me, and was very upset the first time that I did see my brother, that he didn't want to have nothing to do with her. So, yes my little brother's 3 years anniversary is only days from now. I will listen to my brother, regarding staying away from the 3 that he mentioned. I did have to go see a counsellor, because of all the pain that I was in. The most was, keeping him away from me 3 years before his passing. How mean can you be. I also went to see a medium, who is very well known internationally, and even read to actresses and actor's. She told me again, that he was saying that I must forget my mother and the other 2. They will only cause me more pain. A lot more things were said that I was so totally shocked at how accurate she was, that it was scary. I wish that I could write more, because you wouldn't believe how many times that I forgave my mother, over and over again. And more things that happened, that I think you would be shocked. I do hate having this past with me. But, I'm sticking to what Marcel wanted and said, because he knows how mean they can be. Thank you.

Added: March 23, 2014
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